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"count my gram" meaning? I come across fifty or sixty like that. But maybe only a dozen, counting my gram, that knew they was shinin. What's the meaning of "count my gram"? Thank you.
5 de oct de 2016 6:20
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"countin my gram" translates to "counting my grandmother" in regular English This is from the novel "The Shining" by Stephen King. The writing is hard to understand because it is written in dialect. Some verbs are in the wrong tense or incorrectly conjugated and word spellings are changed to mimic the dialect. The speaker is saying that he met 50 or 60 persons with psychic powers (shinin or shining) but only about 12 of them knew that they had this power including his grandmother.
5 de Octubre de 2016
Whatever the sample is from, it's horrible English. It's ungrammatical and doesn't make a lot of sense without more context. My guess is it's reported speech, a quote from some poorly-educated person, possibly talking about drugs. eg a gram of cocaine. But really I have no idea. Or maybe it's diamonds? Gold? Small quantities of good stuff among a larger quantity of bad. (a dozen=12, out of 50-60) In any case, "counting" probably means "including" although it's not a common usage. Seriously, you won't learn to speak English well if you use this kind of material.
5 de Octubre de 2016
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