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"Take a test" "Pass a test" Is there a way to say that I "took a test" several times and "passed it" four times "in a row"?
5 ott 2016 08:16
Answers · 2
I took a test several times : اجتزت امتحانا / اختبارا عدّة مرات Passed it four times in a row : اجتزته أربع مرّات متتالية
5 ottobre 2016
I took a test several time. اجتزت امتحانا عدة مرات I passed it four times in a row. اجتزته بنجاح اربع مرات متتالية او نجحت به اربع مرات متتالية
11 ottobre 2016
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