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What does 'approach' mean in this context? Hi, I find it very difficult to understand 'cautious approach' in this context, then I look it up specially but still don't understand it. Being a noun, 'approach' means 'dealing with something'. But in this context, the thing that retailors deal with is not mentioned. That confuses me. context: Lots of working folks had already seen signs of the slowdown themselves. From car dealerships to Gap outlets, sales have been lagging for months as shoppers temper their spending. For retailers, who last year took in 24 percent of their revenue between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the *cautious approach* is coming at a crucial time. Already, experts say, holiday sales are off 7 percent from last year’s pace.
5 de Out de 2016 às 10:03
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Since here, the context is customer spending, "cautious approach" indicates the cautious approach of customers towards spending on goods and/or services. The hint in the paragraph is '...shoppers temper their spending' which means they are regulating their spending due to the slowing economy. So basically, cautious approach indicates the customers' approach at spending money, which is more careful (cautious).
5 de Outubro de 2016
I think it means "ways" , "measures" or "methods" in this context.
5 de Outubro de 2016
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