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confused by a line from the song "הילדה הכי יפה בגן" Hello, I'm confused by a line in the song "הילדה הכי יפה בגן" (the song + lyrics here: ) This is the line in question: וכמה שמביטים בה יותר רואים שאין מה לדבר What exactly וכמה is here? If it's ו + כמה, then why C is pronounced as Kh in the song (should it not be K?) and how does the whole phrase work together? Is the literal translation something like "and those who look at her longer see there's nothing to say"?
Oct 5, 2016 10:29 AM
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Нет проблем. כמה שלא תעשה את זה, זה לא יעזור לך כמה שלא תלמד, אתא בחיים לא תלמד הכל עד כמה שאני יודע, הוא לא יבוא היום
October 5, 2016
"И сколько бы мы ни смотрели на неё, Мы видим, что нет слов."(то есть, на столько она хороша) Это близкий перевод. Дословный не звучит. Удачи!
October 5, 2016
וכמה שמביטים בה יותר and as much as people are looking at her רואים שאין מה לדבר they see that there is nothing to say (=to disagree) והיא הילדה הכי יפה, יפה בגן and she is the prettiest girl in the (kinder) garden According to the formal rules of the academy, the letters בגד כפת (=beged kefet) get דגש (=the little point in the middle ּבּגּדּ כּפּת) in the beginning of a syllable, but after ו החיבור (=and) not. Thus the word כמה is pronounced "kama" and the word וכמה is "vechama". very tough.. The good news: most of the native speakers will probably say "vekama", so if you are trying to improve your Hebrew, postpone this rule to the end, after you know everything else.. Yehudit Ravitz did a very professional job in this song, and she pronounces the words perfectly!
October 6, 2016
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