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Which expression below of hot weather is commonly used in daily life? 1.It's scorching. 2.Trees and grass are parched. 3.It's hot as the inferno. 4.It's hot as the apocalypse. 5.It's smotheringly hot. 6.One could fry eggs on the sidewalk. 7.It is like being put into a hot oven. 8.The sun is blazing today. 9.It's so hot that steam rises up from the tarred streets. 10.The black top is almost smoking. 11.The sun's rays feel like a million hot needles. 12.Things are wavy. Thanks in advance!
Oct 5, 2016 11:03 AM
Answers · 11
I agree with Jerry. You might hear an English speaker say numbers 6 and 8, although the subject 'One' seems to be the wrong register - we'd be more likely to say the more informal 'You could fry...'. I would also add number 1. In the UK, at least, it's not uncommon to say 'It's scorching' on an extremely hot day. As for the other sentences, most sound like translations from another language, written by a non-native English speaker. They range from the possible but unlikely (such as 7), through the grammatically dubious (2,3) to the downright nonsensical (12).
October 5, 2016
Only numbers 6 and 8 sound natural. This is a poor exercise. It's clear that these were written by a non-native speaker.
October 5, 2016
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