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What does this line from the song "Severed Crossed Fingers" (by St. Vincent) means? Hi everybody, I am trying to translate the song "Severed Crossed Fingers" by St. Vincent, and I am not sure I understand what this line means: "Seeing double beats not seeing one of you" This is the verse: "Wake up puddle-eyed, sleeping in the suit The truth is ugly, well, I feel ugly too We'll be heroes on every bar stool Seeing double beats not seeing one of you" This is the link to the full lyrics: I think 'double beats' is a music 'tempo', and the 'speaker' says that she doesn't see any beat of the other's heart... Am I right? Thank you Corrado
Oct 5, 2016 8:11 PM
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Hi Actually, no. If I'm reading it right, she's describing drinking. (I'm not familiar with her or her music, sorry) "Wake up puddle eyed" would describe how you would wake up after a night of drinking. "We'll be heroes on every bar stool" is about the stories you tell your friends when you are drinking All of that together makes me think that this verse is about alcohol consumption. So for the line in question - "Seeing double" is a common symptom of being drunk "beats" means "is better than" "seeing none of you" - the person isn't around, so the singer can't see them. The whole line together means that the singer is drinking a lot of alcohol so that they won't miss the other person.
October 5, 2016
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