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Help with translation Hello everyone! I'm new in this forum and i'm trying to learn korean on my own so ayny help will be welcomed! . How can i say in korean 1)"he's such a tiring gay "is it "그는 피군하는 놈이야"? 2)"i'm sick of this world"is it "이 새상을 지긋지긋해"? 3)"guess what!"is it "생각해봐!". Thank you in advance!
Oct 5, 2016 11:25 PM
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1) He's such a tiring guy. => 그는 사람을 참 피곤하게 해. (He tires people so much). => 그 사람은 남을 참 피곤하게 하는 친구야. (He's the kind of person that tires others out). * 그, 그사람: he; 사람: people; 남: others, 친구: person, guy, etc. 2) I'm sick of this world. => 이 세상이 지긋지긋해. * 지긋지긋하다 (is sickening) is an adjective, so the subject must come before it with 이/가 or 은/는, not 을. 3) Guess what! => 있지! / 있잖아!
October 6, 2016
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