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JD Hyomin
all the singers vs all singers Between all the singers and all singers, are there any differences in meaning?? Answer the question please~ Thank you~
Oct 6, 2016 2:31 AM
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It usually helps to include a full sentence. It's sometimes hard to understand without some context. I will try to explain using the language I am learning, which happens to be your native language :) "'All singers" means all singers. 모든 가수 ?? e.g. All singers eat macaroni. 모든 가수 는 마카로니를 먹어요.?? "All the singers" means all of singers mentioned or referenced before. All the singers eat macaroni. 가수들은 다 마카로니를 먹어요.??
October 6, 2016
JD Hyomin
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