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How do fluent English speakers learn the vocabulary and grammar rules? Recently I feel it hard to raise my English to the next level. I feel very frustrated memorizing more advanced vocabulary and understand more fancy grammar rules... For example I came across with the word "electroencelphalogram" today, and I realized that I had to know the meanings of differect sections (is there a term for the sections, btw?) to fully understand this word. I think it's because of the lack of familiarity of prefixes and suffixes, right? Could someone please help me out and tell me what I can do, please?
6 de oct de 2016 13:56
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Hello Monz, This word is a technical medical word so it would not necessarily be in the average native speakers' vocabulary! There is a breakdown of the word here With new words, to truly know them you need to be able to use them, so write them down and try to think of situations in which you can use the word and then either use the words in speaking or in writing. Unless you are a doctor, you are unlikely to need this word on a regular basis so it is not a high priority to learn. Best wishes Bob
6 de Octubre de 2016
If you keep exposing yourself to text and audio material in English, at a certain point you start to recognize when something sounds wrong. It's also good to try to make a rule of googling/baidooing grammar rules you encounter (e.g. when to use 'whom') and meanings of words/sayings you sort of understand from the context but are not really sure about. Following some blog like helps too.
7 de Octubre de 2016
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