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How do you order drinks in Chinese? If I went to a Starbucks in China, how do you say, "Can I have a Grande Vanilla Iced Latte?" Would it be (Wo yao yi bei zhong bei de xiang cao na tie bing) or something else? Also, how would I say, "Can I have a large Avocado Boba Smoothie?" Would that be (Gei wo yi da bei niu you guo zhenzhu bingsha). Thanks for considering my question.
Oct 7, 2016 5:01 AM
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Hey Jim, your Chinese is good. Other than that, if you want to soften your message, as in the English 'Can I .......' then you may initiate your sentence by '请你给我(one cup of coffee)......' 'qing2 ni3 gei2 wo3 (one cup of coffee)......'. However, coffee restaurant in China, they say it in a very straightforward manner. Taiwanese speaks in a more indirect manner though, and always use the word 'please' - 请 (qing3). Well done, Jim.
October 7, 2016
請給我一杯大杯的冰香草拿鐵,謝謝。 Qǐng gěi wǒ yì bēi dà bēi de bīng xiāng cǎo ná tiě, xièxiè. (you can say it with or without 的/de/, it won't be any different tbh lol ) 請給我一杯大杯的酪梨冰沙加波霸(珍珠),謝謝。 Qǐng gěi wǒ yì bēi dà bēi de luòlí bīng shā jiā bōbà (zhēnzhū), xièxiè. OR! 請給我一杯大杯的波霸酪梨冰沙 / 珍珠酪梨冰沙,謝謝。 Qǐng gěi wǒ yì bēi dà bēi de bōbà luòlí bīngshā/ zhēnzhū luòlí bīngshā Avocado in Mandarin we'd say 酪梨luòlí. I did some search on google and assumed that you were referring to some kind of smoothie made with avocado and the boba. As for the Boba, in Mandarin the big ones are 波霸, which is pronounced as bōbà and the small ones are 珍珠, which is pronounced as zhēnzhū. However they're all Tapioca. It's just the size of them that you want to order in the drinks. FYI: Thought you'd like to learn some more about the usage of some words in Starbucks :) Short (小杯):Xiǎo bēi Tall (中杯):Zhōng bēi Grande (大杯):Dà bēi Venti (特大杯):Tè dà bēi Smoothie can be interpreted as 冰沙 and 奶昔, sometimes even 果泥 if it's made of fruits and it's vey thick ( not like the consistency of juice ) While 奶昔 could be interpreted as smoothie, we also interpret it from the word Milkshake so as you can see 奶昔 can be referred to two English vocabularies and they all are something blended lol The fun of learning languages huh!! [emoji][emoji] I hope these could be of help and can get you a drink at Starbucks haha lol
October 8, 2016
1、大部分人去星巴克都会说:我要中杯拿铁加冰,谢谢。 2、具体我不知道,但是在中国没见过在星巴克加牛油果的。你说的那句可能是:大杯珍珠奶茶,谢谢。
October 7, 2016
November 11, 2016
You may say so. ni hao (你好 !)!gei wo lai yi bei xiang cao bing na tie (给我来一杯香草冰拿铁)
October 7, 2016
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