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What does "toy" contains in English? Could you help to list some objects what are represented by "toy" please? Is a duck-like life-buoy a toy in English? I mean if somebody asks me a question about a toy from my childhood, then I answer the duck-like life-buoy. Is it correct? Well, if you don't define a life-buoy as a toy, what do you define it as? A tool? Moreover, if the life-buoy has more features for entertainment like speakers inside which can say several words when the kids are playing in water, and then can you define it as a toy? And can an instrument like a real mouth organ be defined as a toy? Thank you
Oct 7, 2016 5:32 AM
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Toys are things like dolls, stuffed animals, legos, blocks, etc. I don't know what a "duck-like life-buoy" is but it's a toy if you played with it when you were a child. This sounds similar to something we would call a "rubber duckie". Anything can be a toy. Parents usually decide what is a toy and what is not. If they don't allow their children to play with something, then it is not a toy and they will say so. "Don't play with that. It's not a toy". A "mouth organ" (or harmonica) can a toy if it is meant to be used by children, like one of those cheap plastic ones. A high-quality harmonica that a professional musician would use is not a toy.
October 7, 2016
A toy is something you play with as a child. I think you are talking about a duck-shaped swim ring. These are plastic rings that you inflate to help you learn to swim as well as play in the water - this is a toy. A life buoy is a ring that you throw to someone who is in trouble in the water. This is a swim ring Best wishes Bob
October 7, 2016
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