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what is this seller saying to me? a seller shipped out my item and sent this message. i could be wrong but i think they might be asking me to pay a shipping fee or something like that? this is the message: "보냈습니다 월요일엔 갈 거라고 하셨어요~ 리고 제가 봉투를 미리 접어두었던걸 사용해서 겉으로 봤을때 선이 있을수도 있는데 안에 포스터엔 화일끼워 보냈고 배송할때도 접지 말라고 부탁드렸어요!"
7 Eki 2016 10:40
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It's just an explanation to ease your mind, that your requests have been taken care of. 1. It will be arriving on Monday 2. The envelope was folded PRIOR to packing the poster. Don't worry about the fold-trace. 3. They put some file(?) inside so that the poster doesn't get damaged easily 4. They did extra request upon shipping NOT to fold it.
7 Ekim 2016
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