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That certainly made for an intriguing case Nonetheless, the location for the putative jets looks very similar to the region where Hubble earlier this decade detected an excess of oxygen and hydrogen - the component parts of water. That certainly made for an intriguing case, said Hubble's senior project scientist, Jennifer Wiseman. "The [earlier work] used spectroscopy, so they really could discern evidence of dissociated water molecules," she commented. Source: What's meant by "case" in "That certainly made for an intriguing case"?
7. Okt 2016 11:38
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Case has a few meanings. One is as a shortening of briefcase or suitcase. Here, it means something like 'situation' or 'problem'. In fact, when I was answering this question, my first way of writing it was: "In this case, it means something like..." A very common usage for 'case' in this way is for detectives or policemen: If they are investigating something, it is their current 'case'. For example, some Sherlock Holmes' books are called "The case of..." In this example, the hubble scientists had trouble figuring something out (because two things look very similar). So, the 'case' is that distinguishing the difference is hard. This was a very intriguing problem for them to solve.
7. Oktober 2016
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