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when I need to do the phonetic combination? I heard these two phrases in a context: 'disposable income' the 'l' and 'i' are read together. 'disposable items' the 'l' and 'i' are read separately why ?Is there some rules &logic behind it?
Oct 7, 2016 1:43 PM
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Hello Gardenia, This is a big problem for learners of English, sounds don't always have the same letters to represent them! This is because English is a mongrel language, it is made up of the languages of the people who have invaded Britain over the years and each language has contributed words and pronunciations. There is one rule I have heard which says that if a vowel is followed by a consonant and an 'e', the vowel says its name so with 'item' the letter 'i' sounds like it does when you say the alphabet but I feel certain I have come across several exceptions to this rule in the past. I know this is not a perfect answer but I don't think there is one definitive answer. Best wishes Bob
October 7, 2016
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