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3 questions. 1. Rolling five straight sevens at the craps table. Sinking eight consecutive three-point basketball shots. Making the light at the intersection every day all week. Is "Rolling five straight sevens" a game? What's the meaning of "Making the light at the intersection"? 2. The monkeys played more than a thousand rounds, for rewards. They did well in the games with the obvious patterns. But in the random game, the monkeys made moves indicating that they nevertheless expected patterns to occur. Could you tell me how to use "nevertheless"? 3.Evolution clearly favors the ability to find patterns—foraging for food and noticing where bunches of fruits occur is a great survival tool. But believing in a hot hand, especially in casinos, can make monkeys out of all of us. Why "make monkeys out of all of us"?
Oct 8, 2016 3:52 PM
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Hello, 1. I believe that 'craps' is the name of a gambling game, played with two dice. Rolling 7, with two die (which is the plural of dice) is very lucky and a win. 'Making the light at the intersection every day, all week'; that means that one keeps driving through green traffic lights (green = go) and if it happens each time every day of the week; again that's extremely lucky. 2. 'Nevertheless' means in spite of/regardless. No matter what you do, the outcome will be the same. 3. 'Making a monkey out of all of us' is an idiom meaning to make a fool of someone. Hope the above is helpful, Melanie
October 8, 2016
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