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Does こちりこそ mean ' I should do the same to you'? when to useこちらこそ? Does こちらこそ mean ' I should do the same to you'?
9 okt 2016 07:29
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Probably Isn't it a mistake of "こちらこそ"?
9 oktober 2016
Usually we use こちらこそ、when the person that talked to you said something that you feel you should be the one saying so. We use こちらこそ、in situations like: ーいろいろありがとうございました。(Thank you very much for all) ーこちらこそ、ありがとうございました。(Thank YOU very much) (I am the one that should be thanking you) By the way こちらIs a polite way to say こっちwhich means here and こそis a word we use to put emphasis on what you are saying.
11 oktober 2016
こちらこそ?  不是こちりこそ
9 oktober 2016
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