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what does "two in hands"here mean? The procession of carriages bringing the spectators to the Park Club was in itself a spectacle not to be missed. On the narrow road that turned off the Tokolyi Avenue just after the railway sta- tion and passed by the poor quarter of Szazhaz ^ the slums had not then been cleared away hundreds of horse-drawn vehicles wended their way to the race-course. There were smart two-in- hands drawn by high-stepping trotters, four-horse English coa- ches driven by their owners with eight people seated on the roof together with a liveried coachman whose only function on that day was to blow lustily on his coaching horn, Hungarian Jukkers with four or five horses in the traces all decorated with multi- coloured tassels and, whatever the carriage, there was always a great deal of whip-cracking and noise.
Oct 9, 2016 1:41 PM
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In the days of horse-drawn carriages, there there were all kinds of words and phrases for different kinds of carriages, different systems of harnessing more than one horse. I usually just let the terms glide by and say to myself, "some kind of horse harness" and determine, from context, what the social implications were. In this case, the word "smart" means clean, healthy, and well-groomed and "high-stepping trotters" means the horses were trained to trot in some fashionable way, so this is a wealthy person's carriage, the horse-drawn equivalent of a luxury car. If I get curious, I need to look up the terms somewhere. The term "four-in-hand" is much more common, and actually is in the first dictionary I consulted: "1. A team of four horses controlled by one driver. 2. A vehicle drawn by four horses. 3. A necktie tied in a slipknot with long ends left hanging one in front of the other." I think it's a pretty safe guess that a two-in-hand is a carriage drawn by two horses, with the reins rigged in some specific way. A Google Images search of "harness two-in-hand" turns up a few pictures.
October 9, 2016
There is an overuse of hyphens in this writing. 1. sta- tion 2. co-aches I know this is how the author wrote it but it's incorrect. Two-in-hand means two horses controlled by one driver.
October 9, 2016
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