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І thіnk you put too much salt іnt... І thіnk you put too much salt іnto thе soup. & І thіnk you have put too much salt іnto thе soup. What is the difference?
Oct 10, 2016 8:54 AM
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Here's a useful tip about the present perfect: The present perfect - 'you have put' - always tells you something about NOW. When you use this verb form, there is always a connection with the situation at the PRESENT moment. If you say 'I think you've put too much salt in the soup', this suggests that the soup is here now. You are faced, at the present moment, with the problem of a pan or bowl full of over-salted soup. There is even time to do something about it. The soup is still in front of you, so you could put some cream in it, and it'll taste fine. The past simple - 'you put' - refers to a specific time in the past, and this is a 'closed' period of time. After the meal, you might say, for example. 'What did you think of the dinner I made?', and you'd answer 'Well, I think you put too much salt in the soup, but the rest of the meal was fine.' You could not use a present perfect here, because you're talking about a finished time and there is no connection with the present. I hope that helps.
October 10, 2016
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