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English Practice Questions This is just a short survey that is part of my assignment. Give answers that are no longer than 3 sentences. These are meant to be short questions. Just answer yes or no with a short explanation. Don't get all philosophical, part of language fluency is being short and to the point. 1. Have you heard of Restorative Justice Before? If yes, how did you would you define it? 2. Here is one definition of Restorative Justice(RJ): Crime is a violation of people and relationships. It creates obligations to make things right. Justice involves the victim, the offender, and the community in a search for solutions which promote repair, reconciliation, and reassurance (Zehr, 1990, p.181). Does the definition resonates with you? Why or why not? 3. Why would victims participate in a Restorative Justice process? 4. Why would offenders participate in a Restorative Justice process? 5. Why would community members participate in a Restorative Justice process? 6. s restorative justice a vision of the good?
10 Eki 2016 18:46
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What part of a "survey" do you not understand? I only posted it here to get foreign input.
11 Ekim 2016
Are you asking us to do your assignment for you?
11 Ekim 2016
Nice topic . I have read about this concept and you can read a detailed explanation on Google. I think that the victim,the offender and the community have to look for a solution for the problem "crime" I think these lines may answer your questions. (offenders are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, "to repair the harm they've done – by apologizing, returning stolen money, or community service".[1] In addition, the restorative justice approach aims to help the offender to avoid future offences(Google)
10 Ekim 2016
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