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Crimson and Clover ? Hello, You know the song " crimson and clover" ? Tommy JAMES 1969. After listening this song, can you explain to me your feelings about her ? And what are explain for you : Crimson and Clover ? I'm so exited to read your answers. Thanks a lot to correct me. Jo.
Oct 10, 2016 8:21 PM
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Crimson and Clover is a beautiful song that I remember well. Although the song title has no meaning I always imagined that the singer felt that if he met the girl they would fall in love and live together 'in clover'. To be 'in clover' is to have a comfortable and prosperous life. As for the girl in the song, I don't hardly know her but I think I could love her :)
October 10, 2016
From Wikipedia : "The title, "Crimson and Clover", was decided before a song had been written for it. The combination of unknown meaning came to James as he was waking up, comprising his favorite color – crimson – and his favorite flower – clover. (There is also a species of clover native to Europe called the crimson clover.) A song to fit the phrase was written by Tommy James and bassist Mike Vale, but was scrapped. His following collaboration with drummer Peter Lucia, Jr. was more successful (Lucia has said that he himself came up with the Crimson and Clover phrase while watching a high school football game between his hometown Morristown (NJ) Crimson and Hopatcong (green, or "clover")).
October 11, 2016
October 11, 2016
For me, this song is deep ! He speak of the life and not about a woman. the singer of this song trying to explain the difficulties of the life. But he love her so much because is it the value. Even if life is hard, there are the moments of joyful ! Life is pains, life is crimson ! but in the crimson there are the clover ! Sometimes there are the beautiful moments that why this song is so deep and so dynamique.
October 11, 2016
thank's I took a good lesson in English here !
October 11, 2016
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