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How to say the following in Spanish I'm looking at the different routes of the Camino De Santiago to see how long it takes to do it. I'm very interested in doing it because my neighbor did it last year. I love walking and I usually go on long walks with my club. Do you know anyone who has done the 'Camino'? I believe people only walk in the morning and that they rest in the afternoon and evening. I would like to meet them. I want to know how long it takes, what I need to bring with me and where I can stay. I know pilgrims follow the old Camino roads, not the main roads. Ive heard pilgrims only carry few things. I have an old pair of boots but I think I'll need to buy a few t-shirts as its very hoy. I need a hat and some more socks too. If it was possible I'd love to go with a small group so I could practice my Spanish. I heard Santiago is beautiful and that they give you a pilgrims certificate when you arrive at the Cathedral. If anybody could translate the following it would really help me with my homework ☺
11 Th10 2016 15:45
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Hola, Danny, I hope you are well. Estoy averiguando sobre las diferentes rutas del Camino De Santiago para saber cuánto tiempo me tomaría recorrerlas. Me interesa mucho hacer esto porque mi vecino lo hizo el año pasado. Me encanta caminar, normalmente hago largas caminatas con mi grupo. ¿Conocen a alguien que haya recorrido el Camino? Creo que las personas que lo recorren sólo lo hacen durante la mañana y descansan durante la tarde y la noche. Me gustaría conocer a estas personas. Quiero saber cuánto tiempo lleva recorrer este camino, qué debo llevar conmigo y dónde me puedo quedar. Sé que los peregrinos siguen las sendas viajas del Camino, no las principales. He escuchado que los peregrinos llevan muy pocas cosas consigo. Tengo un par de botas viejas, pero creo que necesitaré comprar algunas camisetas ya que hace mucho calor. También necesito un sombrero y unos cuantos calcetines más. Si fuese posible, me encantaría ir con un grupo pequeño para poder practicar mi español. He escuchado que Santiago es hermoso y que te dan un certificado de peregrinación cuando llegas a la Catedral. I hope it helps you! Saludos.
12 tháng 10 năm 2016
Hi Dany, I'm confused. You asked if someone could translate "the following". There was nothing following... Did you mean your entire message? I did not walk the Camino de Santiago, but I was there in July and it is certainly something that I would like to do too. Santiago is beautiful, vibrant and full of things to do. I attended the pilgrim's mass at 12:00 N and even though I'm not Roman Catholic, I was very moved by the experience. The music, the homily, the worshippers and the sense of accomplishment surrounding me was inspiring. They swung the botafumeiro when I was there and that was awesome too! I'm sure that there are books about walking the Camino and some with experience who would be happy to share their experience with you. Most of the pilgrims I saw in Santiago (and other cities like León) were dressed in modern hiking gear, backpacks, boots and using metal walking sticks. I don't think anyone in his right mind would try it wearing a hooded cloak, a stick and a gourd these days! Good luck and best wishes!
11 tháng 10 năm 2016
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