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Rosangela Senova
Dictionary Is an Old Friend of Mine What do you think about dictionaries? I'm talking about the real ones, not translators like Google. I never saw dictionaries as a simple tool to translate words, all dictionaries I have bought so far come with so many tips, images, thesaurus, collocation, useful phrases, what's right or wrong to say, the most used words, the gender of a word etc. I'm not a fan of those ones I feel like I have to memorize such as Phrasal verbs, Slangs, Idiomatic expression etc. These ones never worked and I saw that I have learned most of it by talking to people. However, I love using dictionaries and it bothers me when I see people ashamed of them. Dictionaries make you do at least 80% of the work by yourself and it's much better than just ask someone and get used to this kind of help and become a "lazy brain" for having created a terrible habit. What do you think about it? Do you still you them or prefer using other tools?
Oct 11, 2016 4:28 PM
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I agree with you 100%. Computers do things quickly and conveniently but using them effectively still takes work. I think that translators are wonderful but they don't teach fluency. Also, I am Spanish teacher and when my students are writing in class, I insist that they use book dictionaries because they are more complete. I also take time to train them in their use, especially to instruct them to check both the Spanish to English and English to Spanish sections to make sure that the word they choose is exactly the one that works. Students often choose the first word they find that matches. I can't tell you how many times I've had to chastise students for such things as: "Voy a colgar con mis amigos." (I'm going to "hang out" with my friends.) or the worst: "Yo lata mosca. (I can fly.) Using an on-line dictionary, rather than a translator, often reinforces this lazy sort of habit since the screen (especially cellphones) can only display a few choices. I commend you on learning so many languages and you are right, dictionaries are better!
October 11, 2016
If you have the word in context, it is better training for you if you can try and work out the meaning from the words around it and then check yourself in a dictionary. The fact that you have invested a little more of your time and effort into the word means you are more likely to remember it. I use dictionaries and google translate, translate has the advantage that I can jump between languages quickly when I am teaching or answering questions here :) Best wishes Bob
October 11, 2016
Rosangela Senova
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