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question about مورد Dear friends, as the above link shows ,i’ve asked questions aboutمورد , but to be honest, i am still very confused about the usage of مورد, for example: 1.شرایط مورد درخواست 2. چرم مورد استفاده (the orginal sentence: لطف فرموده نمونه های انواع پوست و چرم مورد استفاده برای ساخت کیف دستی های خود را نیز پیوست کاتالوگ در خواستی فرمایید.) what exactly does this مورد mean in english?
Oct 12, 2016 3:35 AM
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Hi there! 1) (the conditions requested by you) 2) (the leather which was used) Basically, مورد, means "an object of, a matter of, an instance of", here are a few other examples: 1) an object of protest= something which is protested against= مورد اعتراض 2) an object of need= something which is needed= مورد نیاز 3) an object of attack= something which is attacked= مورد حمله 4) an object of analysis= something which is analysed= مورد بررسی
October 12, 2016
exact meaning is case but when you use it in in different sentences they would be different structures in english 1 conditions of your requirement the 2 nd sentence is wrong I think it should have (send ارسال ) in it哈 哈哈 2 please be kind enough to to attach to the cataloge the skin and the leather product ( which is used ) for making hand bags
October 12, 2016
Here it absolutely doesn't mean "about". you should keep it in your mind like a phrase اسم + مورد + مصدر Noun + (which be) + Verb + ed So now these can be translated as below 1- conditions (which are) required 2- leather (which is) used Was this answer convincing or something is still missing?
October 18, 2016
It indicates that the entity is the receiver of the action. Something like "subject to". Subject to use: مورد استفاده
October 12, 2016
hello it has several meaning like : case ; instance ; occasion
October 14, 2016
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