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aref baratian
how can I say these two sentences in Deutsch? How can I express these two sentences in Deutsch? 1. I want to go there = (I möchte dort gehen) 2. I want you to go there = (I don't know how to say) Thank you in advance
Oct 12, 2016 8:59 PM
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Hi! 1. Ich möchte dort hingehen. 2. Ich möchte, dass du dort hingehst.
October 12, 2016
There are some ways you can express yourself. You can also say: 1. "Ich will dort hingehen".- "Ich mag dort hingehen".- and if you want to say it more natural and informal you can say: "Ich will da hin".That is more like if you want to say that you want to go to a certain city or something or someone is talking about a counry than you can say that last sentence. :) The 2.sentence: if you want to say it informal and to your friend you can just say: "Geh´ da mal hin." Big greetings from Germany! So cool, that you are lerarning the language! Keep going on!
October 13, 2016
aref baratian
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