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What is the difference between yīngyǔ and yīngwén?? What is the difference between yīngyǔ and yīngwén?? thankyou
2016년 10월 12일 오후 9:02
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英语 是指语言 英文 是指文章
2016년 11월 1일
英語 spoken English 英文 literary English
2016년 10월 13일
語 simply means language. However, 文 is a term that means "civilization" or "to be civilized". Thus in Chinese philosophy, a civilized person is one with culture and education. This in turn defines the person who can speak, read and write his thoughts in a transmittable way from generation to generation. A 文人 is a cultured gentleman.
2016년 10월 12일
"Yingyu" is more like the language itself, is about the listening and speaking. "Yingwen" is more about the reading and writing language. It also includes the culture. But nowadays we don't have the strict line between the two words. "Yingyu" is more like oral language and we use it more often. There is no right or wrong about using these two words. Just depends on which one do you like.
2016년 10월 12일
Wait for a Chinese speaker or someone who speaks Chinese well, but from I understand, 语 (yǔ) is more about the spoken language (see the mouth "speaking" in the character) and the way people speak, whereas 文 (wén) typically refers to the writing system and the culture from a more academic point of view. However, it's not always that simple! Subtitles predictably use 文, but dictionaries use 语 to refer to the way people communicate in general. Both symbols are often interchangeable, but not in all cases.
2016년 10월 12일
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