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Humor in Korea? I've heard a few things about humor in Korea and I just kind of wanted to make sure I was hearing the right things so if someone could enlighten me I'd be eternally grateful^^ What kind of humor is used commonly between friends in Korea? Do they have sarcasm, quoting movies/tv shows/music in a funny way to make a joke, playful teasing or puns? I'd like to start joking around with my Korean friends but I'm so afraid of accidentally offending them or using humor that might not be as common outside of America ㅠㅠ
13 окт. 2016 г., 1:01
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I feel related to you. I as learner of english as a second languge, would really like to say some funny word, we say this 유모어 or 개그(this could also means some funny act) . I suppose you mean this kind of things, right? but you know, humor which you are saying could be differnt from what I am thinking of what you are saying. so we need to adjust in that case. but It much depends on your age, gender, and so on... you name it. so there are not any special coming to my brain. let me find a little more and let you know. These days I am getting old, I am getting to lose any intenerst in humor. If you like joke and funny thing, I recommand watching funny TV show, 무한도전, 개그콘서트, ... so sorry that I am not of any help now. But you can ask what you are wondering of specifically.
13 октября 2016 г.
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