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claire chen
does this sound correct..? so i've been trying to figure this out, i've come up with: " 나는 더 쓸 거야 " and i'm trying to say " i will write more (to you) " i feel that it's probably wrong, so any suggestions would be appreciated! thank you
Oct 14, 2016 5:03 AM
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"i will write more (to you) " 1. 나는 더 쓸 거야. (your version) 2. 나는 더 쓰겠어. What you wrote is perfectly correct - that is the most common way to talk about the future or one's will. #1 is has a broader sense, and can also mean something set to happen in the future ("I am going to write more"). #2 means one's will (-겠어 has another unrelated usage too), so its usage is a little more limited. See these examples: - 쟤는 내년에 학교에 들어갈 거야 - He is going to school next year. (-겠어 is not possible). - 나는 이 일을 꼭 해내겠어 - I will see this through no matter what. (both -겠어 and -ㄹ 거야 can be used).
October 14, 2016
claire chen
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