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Rosangela Senova
Would You Share Your Favorite German Songs With Me? =D Fellows, from the bottom of my heart I wish I could have written this question in German, unfortunately I can't do this now. German will be the last language (or not...), I will be learning and the first thing I do to get used to the language is through music. I heard that the band I used to make fun of years ago are german boys (Tokio Hotel) and I decided to give them a chance and I fell in love with their albums and that's why I am here to talk about it. Could you recommend me some songs, artists or band in German? They can be natives or others that love to sing in German. You have no idea how much is going to help me. Danke!!!
Oct 14, 2016 5:50 PM
Answers · 6
Hello Brazilian Lady! :) Rhinelanders are generally regarded to be the most Brazilian-like breed of Germans. They have a carnival obsession, anyway. But their concept of carnival may alienate you. It certainly alienates the rest of the Germans. In this song something lands before Kölner Dom (the cathedral of Köln). For something very different; written after the Westphalian peace treaty, "Gib unsern Fürsten" is a prayer that God may give the lords (Fürsten) the ability to take wise decisions and keep the peace. So it's a political-religious song... the 30 years' war was a huge catastrophy for Germany. In a village near me, there's a Friedenslinde, a peace linden tree, planted in 1648. And a little music video shot in my hometown. The song that for whatever reason became the EUs anthem: (it's a bit manipulative, in a pro-EU direction, but I like it. Propaganda can be nice). And my favourite German-languaged christmas charol is "Lobt Gott ihr Christen allzugleich". Hope you like it.
October 14, 2016
It's amazing!!
October 14, 2016
Rosangela Senova
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