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Dan Alexis
From 쓰다 to 써; To “wear” in Korean [REVIEW MODE] 가 : 외국인등록증을 만들려고 해요. 나 : 여기 신청서에 이름하고 주소를 ________ 주세요. ① 써 ② 사 ③ 봐 ④ 와 데답은 1번 임니다. Actually the context of the question is that a person wants to apply for an ID for foreigners. And then, the words 'name' and 'address' were mentioned. But then, how come 써 become the word 'to write' whereas the dictionary form is 쓰다? --- 가 : 리앙 씨, 내일은 운동화를 __________ 오세요. 직장 내 축구 시합이 있어요. 나 : 네, 알겠습니다. ① 입고 ② 신고 ③ 쓰고 ④ 끼고 정답은 2번 임니다. But then, my first answer was 1번, because basically 입다 is the word which means 'to wear'. Later on when I saw the key answer, it was 2번. So okay, 신다 and 신발 are somehow connected because of the 신. Are these expressions already fixed? Is it wrong to say 운동화를 입다? Do Koreans not confused which word to use to wear something?
Oct 15, 2016 9:58 AM
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1. when the last vowel of root is 'ㅡ' and the ending start with 'ㅏ/ㅓ' we omit 'ㅡ' . 쓰다 => 쓰어 => 써 아프다 => 아프아 => 아파 2. When you want to say 'wear' in Korean language, the verb 'wear' can be translated into 3 different verbs depending on 'what' to wear When we wear 1) glasses , hat, cap or something like that we say '쓰다' ex) 안경을 쓰다, 모자를 쓰다, 가면을 쓰다, 가발(wig)을 쓰다. 2) shoes , sneakers, socks we say '신다' ex) 신발을 신다, 구두를 신다, 운동화를 신다, 양말을 신다. 3) underwears, pants, shirt, skirt or something like that we say '입다' ex ) 속옷을 입다. 바지를 입다.
October 15, 2016
Dan Alexis
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