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i am so confused of the uses of imperfecto, pluscuamperfecto y indefenido??
Oct 15, 2016 3:00 PM
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IMPERFECTO (INDICATIVO) USES: 1) To describe a situation in the past. Ex: A Rubén le encantaba el fútbol 2) An action that was repeated in the past. Ex:Ella siempre se acababa su comida 3) To emphasize the extension in time of an action. Ex: Yo viajaba a Canadá INDEFINIDO USES: 1) An action taking place at a certain time in the past and already finished. Ex: El año pasado llegó una chica nueva a clase 2)A new action in the past that takes place in the middle of another action. EX: Justo cuando empezábamos a ser amigos de verdad, TUVO que marcharse. PLUSCUAMPERFECTO (INDICATIVO) USES: 1) An action taking place before a certain time in the past. Ex: Yo no HABÍA TERMINADO de contestar todas las preguntas del examen, en el momento en que sonó la campana. I know i'ts difficult and confusing but if you read and practice you will get used to it and your mind will form the structure in your head without thinking
October 15, 2016
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