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I nee advise for my study... (Edited: The title is supposed to be "need advise" :P) I'm 12th grade now. And of course, school is more important than ever because I'm about to graduate. It's just the first term but everyone is preparing hard. I, nontherless, much the same. In addition, I'm learning Japanese as well which is an additional subject beside my English. The problem is that when I learn Japanese I feel like I'm neglecting school subjects, but when I study other subject, I feel like I'm forgetting what I've learn. The fact that I'm had a examination for advanced students even put me under pressure more. Note that I want to be good at Japanese as much as English. So what should I do to ensure myself rather than to be fear of everything which discourage me the most.
15 de oct de 2016 15:47
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I am not sure what you are asking. Are you asking for corrections on what you have written here? Are you asking for advice? If you are asking for advice, the last sentence needs to be stated differently, in a way that is more easily understood. Also, a question mark needs to be added at the end. Please clarify. :)
15 de Octubre de 2016
Title, advice, At the first sentence you must put , after term Nonetheless I've learned An examination Also you may use competent at instead of good at
15 de Octubre de 2016
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