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Wei Bin
What's Model improvements in Dutch? Is it a journal? I'm look up a paper, Vink, J.P.M. (ed), A. Wijdeveld, J. Smits, N. De Rooij. 1999. Mobility of heavy metals in flood plain soils. Model improvements (in Dutch). RIZA 99.021, Lelystad, The Netherlands. How can I find it?
Oct 15, 2016 4:29 PM
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I don't think the 1999 article is currently online. The last article about this subject is the one from 2007. If you really need this article, you can try contacting the Dutch Rijksoverheid. This page contains a phone number, or you can reach them by email through their "contactformulier". Good luck! :)
October 16, 2016
Wei Bin
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