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"~ㄹ거면서" "결국 일주일만에 헤어질거면서." "어쨌거나, 제가 거기 있다고 알지도 못할면서" 문장을 도중에 사용할 때 "동시에"의 의미 있지 않는가요? 하지만 이 두 문장에서 "ㄹ면서"는 문장의 끝에서 사용되는데 이 방식으로 쓰면 다른 의미가 있나요?
Oct 15, 2016 8:34 PM
Answers · 4
It's "알지도 못할 거면서" You are VERY off: ~ㄹ 거면서, ...... = ~ anyway, and what's all the fuss about ...... 결국 일주일만에 헤어질 거면서. You were to break up eventually within a week anyway. 어쨌거나, 제가 거기 있다고 알지도 못할 거면서.... Either way, you aren't going to notice my presence there anyway.....
October 15, 2016
~(으) 면서 means "at the same time" 저는 밥을 먹으면서 TV를 봐요. =============================================================== ~ ㄹ 거면서 does not mean "at the same time" When we kind of criticize someone's former activity followed by current result we can use (~ㄹ 거면서) The sentence in the bracket is what we may want to say. 한국어 공부 안 할거면서. (Why did you buy that Korean language book? ) 일주일 만에 헤어질 거면서. (Why did you introduce him to your parents?) 입지도 않을 거면서. (Why did you buy that shirt?) Using "~ㄹ 거면서" could be a little bit offensive in many cases. But it's usually ok between close friends.
October 16, 2016
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