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How to say hello in daily life in English? how to say hello in daily life in English wonnot be rude?and what do you talk about when you met your friends?
Oct 16, 2016 2:17 AM
Answers · 4
Hi or hello is fine. :) Good morning/afternoon/evening if you want to be more formal. Strangely we don't tend to say 'good day' often. It sounds a little stiff and old fashioned. Also in English (or at least Australia) we tend to follow it up with a "How are you?" type question. "what's up?", "how are things?", or "what's happening?" are common casual expressions. And after giving a (generally short) answer you'd usually then reciprocate with a similar question.
October 16, 2016
"Hello. How are you?" Or to be more casual, you can say "Hello, what's new?" Then we usually say something about the weather. :)
October 16, 2016
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