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很早以前, 很久以前, 很早已经。。。 I just can't understand these uses of 早 and 久. I'm not even sure if they are legit at all... 很早以前 很久以前 很早已经 could you provide me some example? Thanks
Oct 16, 2016 7:56 PM
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Hi, Actually we use “很久以前” more frequent, whenever you want to express a long time ago( I think at least more than 10 years) you can use it. As for "很早以前",usually there are sentences before and after it. For example" 其实那件事是很早以前发生的=actually it hap pened a long time ago “很早已经” in Chinese it's not a fixed sentence. we don‘t put 很早and 已经together(of course in a long sentence they can coexist but not “together”) 早 in Chinese usually means ’early‘。 久 in Chinese means a long period of time and ancient as well both two words might have same meaning if they are added with other words:很早以前=很久以前(it depends on the meaning of the sentence) a little tips:in Chinese there are a lot of situations that can't be understand,compared to many other languages Chinese tends to have less ’logical regulations‘,so just remember them in heart and don't spend too much time on “ why”(even Chinese don’t know why,hahaha)
October 16, 2016
HI 在中文里,一般来说“久”比“早”可以指代更久远的时间。有的时候(in some occasions)”很早以前“=”很久以前“ 举个例子: 1、很久以前 (1)很久以前,有一个国王,他住在城堡里。(Long long ago)(可能是传说,可能是几百年前的事情)(在这个语境下,我们一般不使用“很早以前”,更不可能使用“很早已经”) (2)上一次见到你已经是很久以前的事情了。(两人可能好几年、十几年没有见面了) 2、很早已经 明天就要交论文了,但是我一点都不担心,因为我很早的时候就已经完成了它。(可能几周前就已经写好了论文) 3.很早以前 上一次见到你是很早以前(=很久以前)的事情了。(but I dont use 很早以前 very often) 希望我的答案对你有帮助。Hope my answer could help you.
October 16, 2016
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