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How can you practice the rhythm of a language? I want to improve my speech with a more natural rhythm. I can get the right pronunciation in my target languages, but I sound flat a monotone. I'am talking about the features of stress, rhythm and intonation. In particular I want to practice attain the Mexican accent for Spanish. I heard there are training programs that get you to repeat phrases and songs strictly by in a rhythmic pattern. Though I'am not sure of the reliability of internet reviews. Also I could repeat and imitate what I hear and have people correct me. Though to put it politely I'am musically challenged or tone deaf, so I fail to notice simple tones and differences in intonation. How do you improve your speech to sound more natural in rhythm?
Oct 16, 2016 11:21 PM
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My recommendation is to start watching some Mexican movies and listen to Mexican music. That should help you improve your listening and speaking by imitating the sounds.
October 18, 2016
Hi!! I would suggest analyzing the speech and deviding it into several patterns, then memorizing those patterns seperately. Also recording yourself and then correcting if necessary and then recording again until the desirable affect is achieved. And then working with those patterns from there. Hope it's helpful!!
December 27, 2016 might be interesting for you. I'm not familiar with the paid part, I only checked the free intro, but it looked quite reasonable for me (and even the intro tought me few things). I'm not interested in the paid part because I've been told that I sound quite good for my level and I don't intend to sound perfect (or even have a specific accent, I don't see the point), I mostly just listen to songs/movies and try to talk only to native speakers.
October 17, 2016
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