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Japanese language taught in School in Japan grades 1 - 6 - what specifically is covered? I'm researching the level and type of words and sentences taught in Japanese language at school, i'm initially interested in grades 1 - 6 - i already have some of the Kanji 76 at grade 1, 145 at grade 2 etc, and what they are for example. I also know that this is where Hiragana and Katakana come in. Grammer comes in at grade 3 - 6 I am however less clear what words they learn, considering they spend a 4th of their time on language. Does anyone know where i can find the Kanji for Grades 4 - 6 and the words and example sentencing for each grade? Regards,
Oct 17, 2016 12:16 PM
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Hello, Craig. First, I'll write down a link from the Ministry of Education's. You'll find the list of Kanji teached at grade 1-6 here. Second, I actually don't remember which grammar I learned at each grade, but it is said that "Subjective, Verb, (Shugo, Jutsugo)" are taught at grade 4, "Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, etc" at grade 5. This page shows books which most Japanese students read at the elementary school. I hope it will help you :)
October 17, 2016
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