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A compliment in Japanese I am looking for a good Japanese translation for a compliment you could give a person after being introduced and learning their name: "Ah, a pretty name for a pretty girl." How would one translate that to Japanese? Here's what I can come up with: Aa, kirei na onamae tame ni kirei na onnanohito?Thanks everyone for the suggestions. It's hard to give this in a complete sentence, as it is meant to be a complete sentence. The context is a boy meets a girl, she introduces herself and gives her name, and he wishes to give her a compliment back by saying she has a pretty name. It is a bit of flirting perhaps. This may not have an equivalent in Japanese.
17 paź 2016 18:08
Answers · 5
I would say, "きれいなお名前ですね。○○さんに、ぴったりのお名前です。"
21 października 2016
In Yamato's comment, "onamae mo kireina kata desune." is the best. This means "you are pretty and your name is pretty, too". I like this!
21 października 2016
Could u write whole sentence in English??
19 października 2016
It depends on the context. Can you provide me whole sentences?
18 października 2016
おなまえ も きれいな かた ですね。 onamae mo kireina kata desune.
18 października 2016
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