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JmmiP 20
Como se hacer Como se dice "to make" en el contexto "I made it work" o "It made her happy"? Puedo decir "Lo hice trabajar" o "Se hizo feliz"? Hace siempre que me confunde este verbo. Gracias!
Oct 17, 2016 11:36 PM
Answers · 6
I made it work, se dice, lo hice funcionar I made her happy, se dice, la hice feliz
October 17, 2016
as I understand, you want to explicate that you fixed something and now it's working. "I made it work" Lo hice funcionar. "I made her happy" La hice feliz. (Obviously a woman.) If i've a mistake with my writting tell me, i'm learning english :)
October 17, 2016
Hola. I MADE IT WORK"= YO lo hice funcionar o trabajar,depende del contexto. I MADE HER HAPPY"= YO LA HICE FELIZ
October 18, 2016
JmmiP 20
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