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The country has been ____ 4 different flags. I have no idea of the missing preposition. I think the answer is "under" but I'm not sure what it means. Thanks for explaining the correct answer!
Oct 18, 2016 11:17 AM
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Jerry explained to you yesterday what 'under four different flags' means. Why are you posting the question again?
October 18, 2016
It can vary largely, depending on the context of the question. So, with what you said, can a country be 'under' a flag? I don't think so. 'Using' may be a more correct word. Whatever the case might be, do take note that the word to fill in the gap should be in the 'present continuous' tense. This is because of the 'has been' used in the question. I hope its clear? :)
October 18, 2016
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