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Is it necessary the word "it" in this sentence ""I would appreciate it if you" I am a Spanish/Portuguese speaking and I would like to know is the word "it" is necessary in the sentence ""I would appreciate it if you...". Why?
18 oct. 2016 13:26
Answers · 2
Yes, it is necessary. The verb 'appreciate' has to have an object, even if it's just an imprecise 'dummy object' such as 'it'. It is not possible to use 'appreciate' without an object of some kind.
18 octobre 2016
Yes you need 'it' in this case :) In simple terms: Appreciating is something you do to something. You cannot appreciate with out having something to appreciate. 'it' fulfils this role in this case. It refers to the thing you are asking of the other I person. "I would appreciate it if you got me some water". I would appreciate your getting me water. I would appreciate it.
18 octobre 2016
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