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Mohamed Seliem
What in german is the tense equivilent to say "I was playing.." I find this a bit confusing, sometimes I need to use this tense in german. could some one for example translate this. I was playing I was just asking they were sleeping and so Thanks :D
Oct 18, 2016 4:31 PM
Answers · 2
Im Deutschen gibt es keinen "past progressiv". The children were playing. / The children played. Die Kinder spielten. Wenn "progressive" wichtig ist, musst du "gerade" benutzen. The children were playing when it suddenly began to rain. Die Kinder spielten gerade, als es plötzlich zu regnen begann. ABER: Another, rather colloquial/regional tense, is the "am-Progressiv": Ich bin gerade am Arbeiten. (I'm working right now.) Ich war gerade am Arbeiten, als ... (I was working when (suddenly)...) Standard-Deutsch: Ich bin gerade beim Arbeiten. This is a quite popular tense to express that you don't have time since you're busy doing something right now. It's rarely used in the past tense, except for some regions. A: "Daniel, kommst du mal bitte?" B: "Ich bin am Telefonieren!"
October 18, 2016
Mohamed Seliem
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