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Derek Bristow
Differences between Synonyms, please explain in details! 【68】 Hi, all. I have some questions about the differences between the following words, if you could explain them and preferably give me examples, demonstrating the differences, that would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. 1.cuidado, esmero; 2. conversación, plática; 3. maizal, milpa; 4. pluma, plumaje; 5. polvo, ceniza. Thanks in advance, and looking forward to hearing from you all soon.
Oct 19, 2016 5:08 AM
Answers · 2
Hi Derek! 1 - cuidado: has different meanings depending on context. It can be synonymous with "esmero" if you use to describe how an action is performed: with care, focus, attention. "Esmero" indicates that an action is done with the intention to get the best result, with effort. For example: "handle with care" (manéjese con cuidado) = in this case you cannot use "esmero", because it refers to do the action with caution. // "Ella estudió la lección con esmero" ( she studied the lesson carefully) = means conscientiousness, with dedication. In this case you can also use "cuidado". 2 - conversación/plática = both means the same. Other synonymous are "charla", "diálogo" (谈话) 4 - pluma/ plumaje = they aren't synonymous. "Pluma" means feather (羽毛). Plumage ("plumaje" in spanish) are all the feathers of a bird. 5 - polvo/ ceniza = "ceniza" means ash ( like 烟灰 or 火山灰 or 纸灰 ) and "polvo" means dust (灰尘) I hope my explanation has been clear. Best wishes Sofía
October 19, 2016
Derek Bristow
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