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What is the meaning of "majomkenyérfáké" What is the meaning of "majomkenyérfáké" in the following sentence ? Miért nincs több ilyen nagyszabású rajz a könyvben, amilyen a majomkenyérfáké? I know "majomkenyérfák". What is the usage of final "é" in the "majomkenyérfáké"?
2016年10月19日 08:35
Answers · 2
The sentence is: ' Why don't there is more grand picture in the book like the baobab's (picture)'. The '-é' is a sign of the possosser, so you use it when you already named the possesion, but you need to name the possesior or correct it. Another example: "-This is your bag?" No, its Géza's". "Ez a te táskád? Nem, ez GézáÉ".
박희섭(Heesob Park)
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