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Which is the best way to read and comprehend what you've just read? I recently do a lot of reading tasks which consist of 7 paragraph for each. My problem is learning new words and I quickly forget it after I've looked it up. But the problem that frustrates me the most is the way to comprehend the passage. I always find myself in the middle of the passage and forget how I got there or it just left me with confusion about the connection in meaning between the title of the passage with the paragraph or between sentences itself. And sometime I even meet sentence that makes completely no sense to me such as sentence with too much commas. Then I just see myself do the task following by guessing or at least with little clues that I found. But I want much more and have the fundamentals to do the tasks or get the best out of what I read. So what should I do to overcome my problems?
Oct 20, 2016 3:25 PM
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Firstly, your written English is very good. Something tells me that you are trying to read materials that are just a little too complicated for you. I find that the same happens to me if I read Japanese that has more complicated grammar, or too many words that I do not recognise. What happens if you read simpler materials? Do you understand it all? Perhaps using some graded reading materials would help? In the UK, we have many graded reading books that allow you to choose a level of English to suit your reading level. Oxford University Press has many such books available. Their website is and I imagine there are other web sites that may offer such reading materials for free, if you search for them.
October 20, 2016
Hello Thien, First of all look at the title of the text and think what you know about the subject and what you would like to know, next read the 1st sentence of each paragraph and predict what the paragraph is going to contain. Finally read the text and see if your predictions were correct. Did you find answers about the things you wanted to know? Now go through the text and write out the new words and phrases that you want to learn. Use a flashcard system like Anki or quizlet to help you remember the words for a week or so and then try to use them in your writing/speaking. Hope this helps Bob
October 20, 2016
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