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What is the meaning of "végevárhatatlanul" ? What is the meaning of "végevárhatatlanul" in the following sentence? A kis herceg szemmel kísérte, hogyan jelenik meg rajta egy óriási bimbó, és sejtette, hogy csodálatos tünemény fog kibontakozni belőle; a virág azonban végevárhatatlanul, egyre csak szépítgette magát odabent a zöld szobájában. How was the word "végevárhatatlanul" composed?
Oct 21, 2016 1:39 AM
Answers · 2
"végevárhatatlanul" = "timelessly/infinitely". Right now it means "it kept doing something continuously" An excellent play on words "várni a végét" = "to wait for something to end" "végevárhatatlan" = a really archaic term meaning "something that takes so long you simply can't patiently wait for" "végevárhatatlanul" = "in a way that you can't just patiently wait for something it to end" the lan/len/tlan/tlen part means the lack of something or the opposite of something "dologtalan" = "not having something to do" "tehetetlen" ="not being able to do something"/inert "szótlan" = "quiet" ("not having any words") "hallatlan" = "not heard by anyone"/"unheard of"/"really suprising" "figyelmetlen" = "careless" ("without attention towards something") Interesting fact: "Várd ki a végét!" is a word of wisdom/idiom. It is commonly used to tell someone that he/she should express less pride in something. Something like "Get off your high horse!" in English. Exupéry is fun
October 23, 2016
박희섭(Heesob Park)
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