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what is mean "Bill comes from one of the first families New York" the sentence in a book that i read yestereday.i dont know what is it mean?who can explain it .thank you
21 Eki 2016 15:00
Answers · 5
It means he comes from a prominent or well-off/rich family from New York.
21 Ekim 2016
It's a reference to social structure. One imagines a family that is part of the aristocracy, the elite, part of "society." I think it might refer, not merely to the aristocracy, but specifically to an "old money" family, one that can trace itself back to the early Dutch settlers in "New Amsterdam" (an earlier name for New York). There was a group of families who were scornfully called the "Knickerbockers" that were among the power elite during the Gilded Age of the late 1800s. Examples might include families with names like Beekman, de Peyster, Van Rensselaer, Rhinelander, Stuyvesant, Schuyler and Schermerhorn. The name "Vanderbilt" is obviously Dutch, too, but I have an idea that they were interlopers and "new money."
21 Ekim 2016
First Families should be capitalized.
21 Ekim 2016
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