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what is the difference between ... what is the difference between 귀여워 / 귀여워서 please provide me with some examples thank you so much
Oct 21, 2016 9:00 PM
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귀여워 and 귀여워서. * 귀여워 may be one of the two. 1. sentence ending form of 귀엽다 (이 고양이는 너무 귀여워). 2. 귀엽다 + -아/어 verb connective form (이 고양이가 너무 귀여워 갖고 싶어). * 귀여워서 is 귀엽다 + -(아/어)서 verb connective form (이 고양이가 너무 귀여워 갖고 싶어). * VERB + -아/어 describes an action or state that combines with a helper verb such as 있다, 하다, 버리다, etc. - 담장에 새가 앉아 있다 - A bird is perched on the fence. - 옛날을 그리워하다 - Miss the olden times. - 열쇠를 잃어버리다 - Lose the key. - 크기가 작아지다 - The size diminished. - 날이 밝아 오다 - The day dawned. - 새가 날아 가다 - A bird flew away. * VERB + -(아/어)서 connects two independent but related actions. The first part may represent the first stage or a means, cause, or reason for the second part. - 쌀을 물에 끓여서 밥을 만든다 - Boil rice in water to cook into a meal. (means) - 몸이 아파서 하루 쉬려 해 - I'm thinking of taking a day off because I'm sick. (reason) - 폭우가 내려서 농작물을 망쳤다 - The heavy rain ruined the crop. (cause) VERB + -(아/어)서 is very often contracted to -아/어. - 고양이가 귀여워서 갖고 싶어 = 고양이가 귀여워 갖고 싶어. - 일이 힘들어서 더 못하겠다 = 일이 힘들어 더 못하겠다.
October 22, 2016
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