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Dari language Please, someone could tell me how to say "I will never forget you in Dari". And please, are there some interesting websites to learn Dari language? Thank you.
Oct 21, 2016 11:43 PM
Answers · 18
من هیچ وقت فراموشت نخواهم کرد Man hich vaght faramooshet nemikonam or nakhaham kard
October 22, 2016
هیچگاه/هیچ وقت فراموشت نمیکنم/نخواهم کرد. one of my partners said that's helpful but I've never had a look at it
October 22, 2016
من تو را هرگز فراموش نمی کنم. Man to ra hargez faramoush nemikonam. Although it is in Farsi, Dari is somehow the same...
October 25, 2016
Thank you Gleb
October 30, 2016
ma tra hech vakht faramosh namekonom / ay yadam hech vakht nameri. I've seen some Dari manuals in Internet but only with a bookish language. People talk completely different language.
October 29, 2016
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