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how to express some sentences If i begin to have my dinner, and someone ask me,i should tell him 'i am eating?is it right? and when you express your oponion, you will say 'in my opinion, or i think?'is there anything different ways? Also i want to know if u want to thank someone really,how to express ?thank u very much? Thank u:)
Oct 22, 2016 12:32 AM
Answers · 4
1. If you want to tell someone you're eating right now (so you're busy), yes "I'm eating" is perfect. 2. "I think" vs. "In my opinion" - "I think" has various uses, and one is the same as "In my opinion", but "In my opinion" is slightly more formal. You can also say "I believe..." "From my point of view..." "It seems to me...", etc. And, of course there is the extremely formal, only-for-writing "In the opinion of the author" 3. Thank you very much is good, or you can say things that show you understand how much effort or thought the person put into something. For example, if someone gives you a handmade gift "Wow, this must have taken a long time to make! Thank you very much!"
October 22, 2016
You can say, "I am eating" or "I am in the middle of dinner/lunch." You can say either, "In my opinion, . . . . " OR "I think . . . ." "I believe" can be used, but you have to be careful. For example, I believe it will rain tomorrow means I think it will rain tomorrow. You can say "thank you very much".
October 22, 2016
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